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Jean-Paul Jérôme



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About Jean-Paul Jérôme

Jean-Paul Jérôme was born in Montreal on February 19, 1928 and died in 2004, well before he entered grade school, the native gifts that were to sustain his deep and lifelong commitment to drawing and painting were already made obvious.

Such endowments led him to the Montreal School of Fine Arts where, from 1945 to 1952, he studied, as part of the regular curriculum, the art and technique of fresco painting, under the direction of Stanley Cosgrove.

In 1955, along with three painters of his friends – Jauran (Rodolphe de Repemtigny, Louis Belzile and Fernand Toupin- he founded the Plasticien Movement who published their Manifesto in February of the same year, the guidelines of which, based on Cézanne’s and Mondrian’s, were to bear such an influence as to the face of Quebec art.

Jean-Paul Jérôme has to his credit numerous solo exhibitions, including the following locations: the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal in 1954 at the Current Gallery in Montreal in 1955 at the Galerie Arnaud in Paris in 1957; to Denyse Delrue Gallery Montreal in 1959 to free gallery Montreal in 1960, and at the Cultural Center of Tracy in 1968 at Galerie Gilles Corbeil in Montreal in 1972 at the Galerie Bernard Desroches in Montreal in 1974 and so on. In addition, Jerome participated in many group exhibitions and is part of many private and corporate collections.

“I have been attracted all my life to perfect shapes, to colourful overstones”, he delighted in saying.

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