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Pierre Gauvreau

La tulipe est au parterre


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About Pierre Gauvreau

Montreal: August 23, 1922 - April 7, 2011. His work: 1941-2011.
OVERALL REFUSAL On March 17, 2024, at Ici Première, Françoise Sullivan was asked: How did the Automatiste Group start? Answer: It starts with a small painting by Pierre Gauvreau. Borduas was a judge in a competition and he wanted to know him. He invited him to attend discussion evenings at his workshop. Pierre asks permission to bring friends: Françoise, Louise Renaud and Fernand Leduc who study at the Beaux-Arts with him. Françoise speaks enthusiastically about these evenings and the contrast with the teaching at the School. In 1948, they all signed Global Refusal. The photographer Maurice Perron edited the manifesto, the cover page is by Jean Paul Riopelle and Pierre Gauvreau, who typed the stencils and printed the 400 copies alone. All three took part in the controversy which followed its publication, to defend Borduas. Cf Égrégore A history of the automatist movement in Montreal. KÉTOUPA 2014 Edition.
Pierre Gauvreau produced his first non-figurative painting in 1944. Like the group's second exhibition, his first solos took place at his home at 75 Sherbrooke west, in 1947 and 1950. His friend Jean Paul Riopelle who brought several of his paintings into France, made him participate in some avant-garde exhibitions in Europe. In 1962, he had paintings in Rome and at the Spoleto Festival. There will be several exhibitions of a historical nature. Many Canadian museums and corporations own his works. During his lifetime, he participated in more than 150 exhibitions. His last, Sustainability in 2011, was in the company of two other Signatories of Refus global Fernand Leduc and Marcel Barbeau. A major retrospective of his life and work takes place at the Musée de la Civilization, in Quebec, from October 2013 to September 2014. Cf: Pierre Gauvreau Passeur de modernité, Fides, 2013.
Even if overall he paints without preconceived ideas, he has painted several paintings inspired by historical characters or facts, such as his series Les insoumis 1999-2010. He often said he could only paint in a state of serenity. Borduas had written in his Indiscretions: Pierre the born painter, the most serene revolutionary painting there is. He painted most of his work during the last 35 years of his life, which he shared with Janine Carreau, his wife, also a painter, with whom he created many exquisite corpses and a beautiful garden. A great colorist, he is constantly renewing himself. He said: I paint to see something I have never seen.
At the same time, he worked as a pioneering director of Canadian television and later as author of the TV-novel trilogy Le temps d'une peace, Cormoran, Le volcan calme, SRC productions. From 1998 he devoted himself entirely to his painting. Jeanette Biondi has written a rigorous biography that covers all aspects of her life and work. The angry young man. Jacques Lanctôt Éditeur, 2003. The film Gauvreau ou l'obligation de la liberté by Charles Binamé was presented at the FFM, at TéléQuébec, at the SRC, as well as continuously in several exhibitions. VIVAVISION production.

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