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Yann Leroux

Born in 1974 and originally from Abitibi, he first completed his studies at the CEGEP in Joliette before settling in Montreal at the age of twenty. He began an academic training at the university (UQAM) to realize very quickly that this teaching and the university environment were not for him. A great observer of present and past art (he regularly attended libraries and museums), but also a loner in the big city, he left school to work and learn as an autodidact.

Surrounded by a rather classic veil, under amazing cameras of brown and red, his compositions depict a very contemporary reality: the models that pose almost every day in the artist’s studio are his friends, or models Improvised seizures in their everyday environment (sitting at the computer, at the drawing table). When a young woman poses in the studio of Yann, it is a stripped backdrop that forms the background, to which the artist adds objects drawn from his imagination, classic paintings hanging on the wall, still lifes integrated in the intermediate plane or back, images reflected in a mirror that adds another dimension, in short, in their natural poses, models evoke the life and the very current concerns of a generation that takes its place in society.

Social findings? No, and yes. This is not the primary objective, but one can see and understand that beyond the glazed “finishes” that are very attractive, and the poses that remind one of Schiele or Degas, there is a reality which, Beautiful is however very authentic.

Artworks by Yann Leroux


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