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Kieff Antonio Grediaga was born in 1936 in Madrid, Spain. He endured a tumultuous life as illustrated by a heterogeneous trajectory spanning over 4 continents. He began working as an apprentice in his father’s cabinetmaking atelier at a young age, later going on to study technical drawing, industrial design and architecture. This early formation proportioned him with uncommon abilities to envision, project and produce ideas with technical mastery.

Enjoying a career spanning over 5 decades, Kieff’s works have been largely exhibited in galleries, fairs and institutions in Canada, the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Europe.

Largely inspired by music, the stage and literature, Kieff’s work has always been fuelled by the quest to find himself through a study of space and time and by a relentless desire to experience, manifest and share what can be considered the state of freedom. Whether sculptural or graphic, his works are an intriguing embodiment of the lyrical relationship between mass, volumes, rhythm, movement and a profound intimate reflection on his own human condition.

Kieff lives and works in Montreal, Qc (Canada), where continues to develop new works.

Artworks by Kieff



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